Video Games and the Future of Business Webinar


For anyone interested please feel free to attend.

About this session
Wharton Alumni Relations invites you to take part in a new Lifelong Learning webinar for Wharton alumni:

“Video games are not just for play – they are also changing the way we work. This session will discuss the latest research and examples of how games can help improve the way companies recruit, motivate, and innovate.”

GTA University

17:00 - 18:00


You mean like this?


I’m a little confused - this is a Wharton Alumni event - why is the location GTA University? Is there a special registration page or some such? I couldn’t find anything on the GTA site.


Hi Kurtis,

Do you have a date for this.




It’s today




Not sure what the GTA link is, but googling returns this: which shows an event today with the same description.

But it does not appear to be open to the public :frowning:


Come along to the GTA it’s free, it’s a live stream from Pennsylvania.


It is open to the public.