Update on Guernsey's Digital Greenhouse


Hi everyone,

You may have noticed a range of activity from the Digital Greenhouse, including the launch of two main initiatives for the summer: FinTech Hackathon event series and The Summer of Innovation Competition.

There is a launch night for the FinTech Hackathon on Thurs 16th July (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/guernsey-fintech-hackathon-launch-tickets-17336535043?ref=estw) and more details for the competition can be found at www.guernseyinnovation.com. Entries for the competition are open now.

I would also encourage anyone to follow us on twitter @digigreenhouse for updates on these and other activity.

The Digital Greenhouse is in ‘implementation’ phase, which has involved a lot of work to lift this from the business case and ensure what happens first sets sound foundations for the initial investment being made to be successful. Not everything has been smooth sailing, which can often be the case once you start finalising details and plans for delivery. We are close to being able to announce more and engage with more and more people with key activities.

Brand and Website
We should be launching a refreshed brand and site by the end of this week, with redesigned site in 6-8 weeks.

The redesigned site will do what you expect it to do, plus have the ability to grow as needs evolve. It has been based on our expertise on what is required, looking at other sites and conversations and briefings with design agencies.

We need to get this investment right however have hit unexpected hurdles.

We will have an amazing venue for us all, it’s just taking far longer than expected. There really is not much else I can say other than to complement the efforts that people behind the scenes are making to ensure we can provide a clear and positive update to everyone as soon as possible.

We are fully aware of the importance of these premises, especially, as many of the things we have planned have been delayed by this. The intent is to provide a centre point and location for co-working and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds. It is also to allow people to showcase their skills and projects; plus provide an events space and training arena. All activity that we do would drive up interaction and value of the Greenhouse via this physical location. It will have high speed connectivity and offer over 3,000 sq.ft for the range of activity we wish to support.

We have announced two main events for the summer, including a ‘competition’ to engage business, organisations, individuals and students in developing new ideas for business and social challenges AND the launch of a series of FinTech events that run up to a hackathon in October - timed so as to allow time between the one in Jersey.

We have also been involved with members of the finance, tech and infrastructure businesses to develop a clear and shared view of the FinTech opportunities for the island. This report should be published by end of July and also be a catalyst for a range of other events.

Some events are being lead by Greenhouse in collaboration with others. Some events are being run by others, and have been part of our efforts to help capture a clear view of what other people and organisations are doing; to help promote these, avoid duplication and arrange what else might be required to complement these. This is big picture stuff to help drive entrepreneurship and is not just about what the Greenhouse is doing. And, does tie in with our push for better coordination.

In addition, we would like to notify our growing network when anyone is launching a new digital product or service. Some people have already approached us and we have been very happy to help promote their launch. Please do let us know if there is anything you would like us to announce and help to promote.

There continues to be an excellent level of interest from individuals and businesses in the Greenhouse.

This has lead to many one-2-one meetings to garner support and advice from across the business, tech and entrepreneur community. We’ve also spent time with potential sponsors for and stakeholders in future activities. As you would appreciate, these are held in confidence until involvement has been agreed.

The Greenhouse has many stakeholders and areas to interact with: education, startup, creative, tech and the general community, government, and businesses from different sectors - not least the finance sector and its various associations - and off-island interest.

We work closely with Startup to ensure our plans are complementary. We have been working with GTA and GCoFE to identify some of the training gaps that the Greenhouse can support, plus what else is needed to stimulate interest and to spot future needs for the Island. We are engaged with CGi and two other entities about continuing to support and develop a sustainable model for code clubs in schools. We are working with Creative Industries Guernsey to support their focus and the very broad creative sector they represent. We’ve had several sessions with IoD to discuss collaboration on their own initiatives around Innovation & Growth. All of these discussions and emerging initiatives should feed down and into their networks.

Promoting the island
We have started to develop stories about successful businesses and entrepreneurs on the island. We can’t write about everyone, and we can’t say who we are writing about until we have the final copy and sign off to go public. However, are naturally interested in hearing from anyone who feels they have a compelling story to share. We wish to continue doing this as it will be one important way to showcase to people on and off the island.

I hope the above gives you a sense of some of the activity on the go.

Thank you,



Thansk for the update Mike

Sounds like exciting times.