Startups in Guernsey


Hi all,

I’m curating a new website called, which despite the TLD is covering the whole Channel Islands. I have quite a few startups based in Jersey, but only one in Guernsey (Ozoris).

I’m sure that there must be more than just one! Can anyone point me in the direction of the others?

Thank you!


I haven’t heard of any new ones in the last few months. Recall there being a few from various talks last year, but I can’t remember the names - sorry!


A few I know of:

My own are in the past for now, if you have a post-mortem section sometime I can contribute :wink:


That’s awesome, thanks Steve!


Hi Steve,

I’ve attempted contact with all three - have responded positively, say they’re not in Guernsey and Tremr haven’t responded.

Do you have alternate contact details for Tremr? I could only find their support e-mail address on their website.



They all presented in Gsy last year, Darren Vogel is one of the electric jukebox people but I guess the rest of the company is elsewhere. Tremr is Jim Rowe (still in Guernsey) and Alex Taylor (moved back to London now), I have both their emails but I shouldn’t post them here without their permission, email me at steve at stevestreeting dot com and I’ll pass them on.