Lunch && Code - Wednesday November 30th


The second Lunch && Code, a meetup & talks session for local software developers, is being held on Wed November 30th at 12:30. If you’re a local software developer of any level of experience, please do come along to meet fellow devs, hopefully hear something interesting / useful, and maybe even get motivated to share some of your own experiences at future events.

This month we have 2 talks:

  1. Using Jekyll - a static site generator (Jase Magee)
    Jase will show you how to build complete, easy to deploy and easy to secure website using the site generator Jekyll.

  2. Git Tips & Tricks part 2 (Steve Streeting)
    Steve shares a few more tips & tricks for using Git, the most popular distributed version control system. This time we’ll be mostly focussing on workflows, and how to deal with mistakes.

Hope to see you there! Please register for the event so we have an idea of numbers :slight_smile:


Thanks for coming everyone!

As requested here’s the slides from my talk - in video form since that’s the only thing that seems to get the animations right. I just converted the presentation and haven’t re-recorded the live demo bits, if anyone wants me to do that let me know and I’ll find some time.



My Jekyll slides as a PDF
Jekyll.pdf (318.2 KB)

Official Jekyll Website
GitHub Pages (Free hosting via GitHub repo)