Lunch && Code: Vote for March 29th talk(s)!


What talk(s) would you like to see at Lunch && Code next month? Vote here for your favourites and we’ll use that as a guide; either the most popular 30-minute talk or the two most popular 15-minuters.

  • Intro to GameMaker (Marc Beavan & Jase Magee, 30mins)
  • Introduction to 3D graphics (Steve Streeting, 30mins)
  • Introduction to Go (Steve Streeting, 30mins)
  • Introduction to Shaders (Steve Streeting, 30mins)
  • Introducing…UX Entropy (Rob Randell, 30mins)
  • Linux Tips (Jase Magee, 15mins)
  • More Git Tips & Tricks (Steve Streeting, 15mins)
  • Ruby on (or off) Rails (Jase Magee, 30mins)
  • Starting Arduino programming for free (Adrian Ritchie, 15mins)
  • Sublime Text Tips (Jase Magee, 15mins)

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For future reference you can propose your own talks in our shared talks doc here:


OK, locking this poll now - I thought for a minute there that we’d have a draw between Go & UX but in the last few days one last person pushed it over into Go.

What I’d suggest is that we lock in the next 3 talks based on this vote so we don’t have to do it every month & to give people more time to prepare. So:

@RobR / @adrianritchie / @jasemagee can you confirm those dates work for you?


Good for me. In fact had my talk come first I was going to suggest I swap to April as I’m off to a UX conference on the 20th/21st April.


Sorry i couldn’t make it on Wednesday, a meeting at work over-ran. I was really looking forward to it too!

End of May is good for me. I may even have a completed kit to demo and take orders if anyone is interested!


Cool, Rob’s definitely doing April. The only problem is that I’m away in May - you’re welcome to carry on without me of course provided you’re happy to do so.