Lunch && Code: Vote for 20th September Talks!


Lunch && Code is back on next month and is a week early to sync up with National Coding Week, on the 20th September.

What would you like to see at this event? Vote for your favourites below and we’ll listen (probably - depending on who’s free).

  • DevExpress .NET (Jase)
  • Intro to GameMaker (Jase / Marc)
  • Intro to 3D graphics (Steve)
  • Intro to Shaders (Steve)
  • Ruby on (or off) Rails (Jase)
  • Tracking large files in Git with Git LFS (Steve)
  • Introduction to LaTeX (Steve)
  • IoT: device-to-device comms with MQTT (Adrian)

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OK, Intro to 3D graphics it is!


No, don’t do that… I may now be in the States again as I was for the July lunch. Darn it, I’m here now, but we’re on hiatus! :slight_smile:

Ah well, if I am in the States in September it’s very unlikely I’ll be there again in October… oh, hang on, half term, I’m in Jersey. Doh!