Lunch && Code today && in the future


Hey folks,

So I was away for two of the three months at the start of the year, unfortunately and I joined a phone conference in the middle.

It was tech-related, but no Lunch && Code despite being at the right time

Can I check - is Lunch && Code no more? {
} else {
"Doh, just can’t find the notifications :slight_smile:


Hey Rob, long time no see!

We had a meeting about it at the Greenhouse just last week. The relative lack of volunteers to share their experiences has meant we’ve had to put it on ice for a bit lest it just become the same 2-3 people all the time. We’re looking to expand it explicitly beyond just code in future; into design, UX, devops, security, art, etc. Key thing is to keep it all about practical tips & experiences, concrete, actionable stuff - no arm-wavy “look at the potential of X - oh we’re not actually doing anything with it, just read stuff on the web and got excited” nonsense.

Also want to keep it grass-roots, where anyone can contribute what they’ve learned - and somehow increase the amount of people willing to do that by widening the scope, having different time slots etc. We’re hoping Ben, Lucy and Keith at the Greenhouse can assist in getting a wider set of contributors, get the college involved and other ideas. Hopefully we can re-launch whatever it’s called in the autumn.


Ah, sounds good and thanks for the update Steve.

I thought that too about the long time. How heck are you? I could probably answer that somewhat by being on Twitter again… :slight_smile:

That all sounds like an excellent set of ideas, and I know I am annoyed if I couldn’t make it so I’ll look forward to its return in whatever form.
I’m happy to chip in, and if you have a mailing list for a relaunched set of ideas, please add me (he says being terribly over-explicit in the days of impending GDPR :wink: )


Best thing to do is make sure you’re on the Digital Greenhouse mailing list, that’ll probably be the main avenue in the interests of finding the biggest audience.

I’m good thanks, just a bit busy trying to launch this damn first game (so many little things to fix/tune/polish), you can join that mailing list too if you like, totally opt-in and GDPR compliant, honest guv :slight_smile: