Lunch && Code Future Talks Voting Thread


This thread will contain polls to choose the content of future Lunch && Code events. If you’d like to submit a talk, or request one, please edit the Talks document directly and your talk will make the list if you indicate you’d be able to present it that month.

Please watch this thread using the button at the bottom (will be labelled “Normal” if you’re not watching) to be notified of each monthly poll so you can vote on what you want to see!

Lunch && code - 26th October


Vote Now for the November 30th talks!

The poll below was built from the talks people have volunteered for and said they’re available on that date. You can vote for up to 3 talks. This poll will only be open for a week, so that whoever’s talk gets picked will have enough time to prepare. Get your votes in now!

  • Git Tips & Tricks Part 2 : 10min Lightning Talk (Steve Streeting)
  • Introduction to Linux : 30min Talk (Jase Magee)
  • Introduction to Git : 30min Talk (Steve Streeting)
  • Linux Tips Part 1 : 10min Lightning Talk (Jase Magee)
  • Sublime Text Tips : 10min Lightning Talk (Jase Magee)
  • Unity Tips : 10min Lightning Talk
  • Using Jekyll (static site generator) : 10min Lightning Talk (Jase Magee)

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