Lunch && code - 26th October


Hey, developers!

Why not come along to the inaugural “lunch && code” session on 26th October at the Digital Greenhouse (“Shed” meeting room on the second floor).

This is the first of hopefully many sessions specifically for developers to share tips & tricks, showcase projects, and generally exchange thoughts with others who curse at code for a living. We’ve discussed it over here and people seemed to think it was a Pretty Good Idea :tm:.

Please register on Eventbrite so we know how many are coming. Hope to see you there!

Lunch && code on Eventbrite

Developer-specific meetups?

Unfortunately I’m going to be in the UK that day. I’ll hopefully join you next time.


13 people registered so far as of Monday 9:30am, looking good. :thumbsup:


22 people turned up in the end, thanks to everyone for coming!

Here’s the slides from my README.TXT introduction:

Please do check out the updated Talks document, add any talks you can contribute or would like to see, and indicate what dates you’d be available for. Every month just after the last session I’ll collect all the ones which could be presented next time in the voting thread for people to vote on.

I’m glad so many people came and hope you had a good time. Here’s to many more.


That was good, thanks for arranging @stevestreeting

The source code for my Unity game is here for anyone interested

Also, just a reminder, if anyone wants an invite to our Channel Islands Game Development Slack chat, let me know.