Lunch && Code 13th September 2018: Pragmatic AI


Lunch && Code returns next month with a talk from Guilherme Hartmann about Pragmatic AI.

In this session Guilherme will cover what AI can and cannot do, why it’s suddenly popular, and how you can go about experimenting with it for yourself - the talk will end with a small sample using OpenAI.

Come along on Thursday 13th September from 12:00 to hear more. Note that we’re starting at a different time based on feedback, at 12pm instead of 12:30, so don’t be late!


Hmm, I’ve noticed this is the same time as the Air Display.

Parking and travel may be harder for those that have to drive in - be aware of that re the time.

I’m also have personal request - is anyone going to be driving in from anywhere near Vazon and could I perhaps have a lift please? I am currently on crutches due to an ill-judged game of football and a subsequently fractured ankle and foot. I had planned to get a lift in from my wife, but the air display and prior promise to children means that that may be in jeopardy.

Okay… new Lunch && Code… new streaming options? :wink:


Was the slot we were offered, maybe that’s why :wink: Ironically we’ve got the largest number of pre-bookings for a while. Most attendees tend to be in Town anyway so parking is unlikely to be a major issue I think.

Sorry to hear about the ankle. Hope you can make it, I’ll be walking down as usual and haven’t been past Vazon in a few years :smile:




Can confirm, I spent my teens living in that lawless country :wink:


Hi. I just signed up. When and where is the Oct BCD meeting please?


Lunch && Code won’t be every month, next one is probably November. BCD doesn’t exist any more.