Guernsey eSports: Hail to the King, Baby


Stealing from the @stevestreeting planning book, I’ve created a shared Google Document with Guernsey eSports game suggestions.

Once we get something going we can fix up into something decent.

As agreed on Twitter, @Rob_Vaudin is Chairman, @BWratten is co-sec, Peter Le Page is treasurer and I’ll do Technology lead (think that means I’ll sort the website out?).

I suggest we do something quite small to start, maybe max of 10 people in a simple tournament with a fattening food based prize. How about some time in August?



be good to get some test events and then maybe look to have a launch in 2018 for Guernsey eSports events


What are everyones thoughts on location.

The Greenhouse is great for lunch times and if we are expecting younger gamers, but i wonder if it might be worth finding an obliging public house for evening events.

I think it’s probably worth having regular events, to help build momentum.

Agree that something small and light is a good way to start.


suggest running several event over rest of this year, if all good look to launch a season for 2018. We also forgot Fifa from list. See what works and what doesn’t, really want to tie this in with something to encourage local game development as well. Want to show more to digital than creating fintec !!!


Agreed. Bit of trial and error is going to be needed.

Up for trying a public house but it would be quite loud unless it had a separate room or something. Did you have something in mind?

Also agree with Rob on Twitter, keep this separate from the casual gaming at the Greenhouse you guys have been starting. Different crowd and probably range of games!


I think it will be good to start off small and test to see what works.

The Greenhouse is available for any of the events. Ive also got a live streaming camera down here which could be used.

Otherwise the Loading Bar or Golden Lion’s Lions Den may be an option for location?


Last time I half heartedly tried to get something going I setup a Steam group too. I tried to befriend you all to invite but the Steam friend lookup isn’t great so just join the group if you’re a Steamer.


Both great locations , loading bar do plenty of events already.


Hey folks

I’d be up for something, good thread, thanks.

Time is my continual problem, but hopefully could make some things.

Logistically a single-screen multiplayer would be handy; I say that partly because my PC is now getting a bit long in the tooth (670 era-graphics card) and although I mean to change it, that may not happen immediately.