FinTechHackGSY Launch Follow Up


Below is details of the follow up to the FinTechHackGSY launch event that took place on 23rd July. For all those interested in the Hackathon, we hope this provides some information about the discussions that took place at that launch and how you can be involved going forward.


The Digital Greenhouse is happy to organise some coding taster sessions so people can understand the basics of how coding works and how it can be used in a business and financial setting. There may also be an opportunity for some more advanced sessions if people wanted to develop their skills further. We can arrange sessions and also recommend online resources so you can learn more in your own time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time for this before the main Hackathon event, as coding is just one of the skills needed, and support and other team members will be there to help. However, a little knowledge can go a long way.

Please could you let us know if you be interested in these and what level you would like to reach so we can investigate the demand and some possible sessions.

Team Formation

As we already mentioned, pre-formed teams (whether corporate or not) are welcome, but we are also happy to help match people up to ensure diverse and complete teams. We are planning to have at least two more informal networking events at the end of August and during September. These are currently planned for 27th August and 24th September, so save the dates in your diaries!

By starting to form a team you may also start thinking about the area you may wish to focus on.

In the mean time we have started a discussion topic on this forum under the category FinTechHackGSY ( Please feel free to join in with these discussions and start your own using the category to link all of the discussions together.

We are happy to help in any other way you think may be useful, just let us know if you have any ideas/requests for how else we can help facilitate teams.

Team Registration

To register your interest for the main event please use the eventbrite page (

This will allow you to register your interest as an individual and let us know whether you are already in a team. It will also allow you to say if you are looking for more team members.

Judging criteria

One question raised the issue of how the competition will be judged, particularly on the topic of functionality of the finished product. We will be publishing guidelines on the judging criteria in the coming weeks.

Publicising your involvement

Ensuring the event is well attended will be a key part of making sure that it is a valuable and enjoyable experience for all involved. It would be great if we could publicise the companies who register teams to help generate interest and promote the event. This would mainly be on social media but could also be included in any press releases we send out. We have added a question to the registration form asking whether we can or cannot publicise your companies involvement.

If you have any questions or requirements in this area email to let us know.

Have we missed anything? If there is anything else you want clarification on then please email us or reply to this topic and we will answer as best we can.

Kind regards,

The Digital Greenhouse, Start Up Guernsey and KPMG