Developer-specific meetups?


Yep, sign me up.


So because we’re a little short of time this month and this is the first one, we’re just going to pick a couple of 10-minuters to kick everything off with, and add an intro to the group at the front explaining what we’re doing in future and how to influence it (i.e. discuss & vote here)

So the proposed agenda for 26th October, 12:30-13:30 is:

12:30 Meetup & social
12:45 Intro to the new group (Steve Streeting) 5 mins + 5 mins Qs & suggestions
12:55 Making a game in Unity in 10 minutes (Jase Magee) 10 mins + 5 mins if any questions
13:10 Git tips & tricks (Steve Streeting)
13:20 Any extra Qs / social

I’ve allowed Jase 15 minutes so there’s 5 mins directly after for any immediate Qs otherwise we can wrap up at the end.

I’ll get this to Keith in a more presentable form so it can be publicised & hopefully next week we’ll have a decent number of devs in a room \o/


Oh this is the quick logo I made :smiley:


I’m impressed. Could have fallen back on one of my 2d blob monsters from Sacrificial Inferno but I think you’ve nailed it :smile:


Oh it’s ON Lunch && code - 26th October