Coders: Coding Opportunities for Guernsey children Friday, February 10th 1230


Location: Digital Greenhouse

Help kids learn to code. Brainstorm learning opportunities that have continuity from Y1 through Y12.

LearningClubs has been providing coding classes off and on for the past 4 years in Guernsey. Now is the time to punch up what we offer to students.

How can we do that? We want too collaborate with Coders to do this. Perhaps this means increasing the offering of coding classes and presenting a progression of classes that can be followed or alternatively hopped through as an objective.

Going beyond playing games and looking under the hood. Many kids have demonstrated over and above interest and skills in coding. They should not be restraining by regimented curriculum but enabled to go at their own speed and follow a learning path that meets their needs.

Already Little Man Computer Programming has been suggested for able students with some coding experience.

I will bring an outline of basic courses, but only to get things going. The agenda is for you to declare the programmes that you feel would be beneficial for Guernsey learners while keeping an eye on
the global stage. Of course matching topics with coders who want to coach students is an importance objective too.

Will you attend? Email me at