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Most new business owners go through a lot of work and stress just to get their business up and running.

Now the job is to get customers or clients.

Many will get a website made to attract customers but in all honesty they don’t appreciate the power of a website. Most just want a web presence where people can go to find opening times, prices, location etc.

However, a website is much more than a place of information for existing customers. It is a place to attract new customers.

The vast majority of people have no idea how much new business is available from Guernsey Google search.

The issue is that the website has to be on page 1 of Google, near the top of the page. That’s were all the customers hang out.

Over 90% of Google searchers never go to beyond the first page.

60% of those searchers click on the top 3 links.

Over 30% on the first link.

It’s a massive opportunity for Guernsey business owners and an opportunity that the vast majority of business owners know nothing about, and those that do, keep quiet about it.

I keep saying, why go through so much stress and money to get a business up and running when a great opportunity to beat your competition exists, and it is ignored?

I have a website explaining more - http://www.guernseydonkeyseo.co.uk/guernsey-website-design.htmlGoogle%20Click%20Through%20Rate