2015 HackJsy Fintech Hackathon


Continuing the discussion from Digital Jersey Cooperation?:

Continuing the discussion from Digital Jersey Cooperation?:

So there are three of us going across for the Hackathon, anyone else want to come along?


We’ve now secured prizes of £1000 & £500 (in bitcoin) so if you’re not planning on coming over for it, time to have a rethink.


When we get to the time, I’ll make sure DJ know there are a group coming over and clear access to the Hub for the day before/after as well, so you’ve got somewhere to hang out - just give us a shout if you need any info, etc. If anyone is up for coming over a bit early e.g. on the Thursday, we could always organise some sort of minor social (no crazy gin based antics as we’ve got a long weekend ahead!) :slight_smile:


Quick note - for those of you coming over, I’ve checked with DJ and you are welcome to use The Hub from whenever you arrive (e.g. Thurs or whatever). Just go over to where they are (you can’t really miss them) and let them know you’re here, from Guernsey, for the Hackathon. My desk is at the far end of the room to your right, under the white speech bubble with a Churchill quote on it. Failing that, tweet me - @mattcjsy :slight_smile:


@mattchatterley, @bearpig and the rest of the HackJsy did a fantastic job of putting on the FInTech hackathon over the weekend. I didn’t know what to expect from the event but I’m really glad I went over.

It’s amazing how much can be achieved in such a short time. There were some really impressive solutions developed.

The solution developed by the Guernsey team (myself, @shanem, @IanCodeGG, Stuart & Chris) is not complete yet but it’s online at give.gg, so you can see what we’ve achieved in only 38 hours, and we are going to keep working on it as it’s something we believe in.


Thanks to all who took part (esp our friends from across the sea on the other rock)!
It went far better than we could ever expect - we now have to gather and distill all of what happened into some sort of comms so we can let the rest of the local population (and world) know what the Channel Islands can output in terms of amazing ideas and great solutions.

Plus we totally need to 3D print a Digital Muratti trophy…


That’s a fine idea. We should probably have an unofficial competition running anyway. This year goes to Jersey for getting the top spot. League table app anyone?


Thank you! And thanks very much to all of you for coming over - ultimately without the participants an event like this is pretty boring :wink:

Hopefully some of us will make it over to BCD soon - either in person or virtually - and watch this space for news on the September Hackathon…!